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We got you. We’re founders and startup junkies just like you — your first call, the coach in the corner, and pros who know how to put together your next step. As sought after confidants and trusted allies to leaders across Silicon Valley and Wall Street, we are fiercely committed to our client's success. Because of our commitment to our clients, we accept a limited number of clients each year for our exclusive consulting engagements and coaching experiences. No matter how long you need us, we'll help you with the task at hand and your team's long-term transformation. 



Human-Centered Approach

Interactive. Engaging. Original. We have facilitated team meetings, workshops, and networking events in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Toronto, Tokyo, London, and Paris. Inspiring connection is our favorite way provoke collaboration. Ready to have fun?


human-centered approach.

Companies like Mozilla (Firefox), Square, Airbnb, Google, and facebook were early adapters to a new approach to designing employee experience -- and it's human-centered using the principles of design thinking methodologies. This technique is collaborative, inclusive, and loved by employees. And, it's scalable. What do we need to get started? A group of curious humans and some post-it notes. 

let's work together.

We love building and facilitating workshops for ambitious and curious teams. A sample list (not inclusive) of frequently requested facilitated workshops are:

  • What is diversity and inclusion? And how to have an impact today. // This is an introductory conversation where a dialogue is opened into a meaningful conversation around inclusion, belonging, and compassion.

  • Cross-Cultural Communications // Let's forgo the assessments, and really get behind what is behind the words we use. This is an interactive activity that has been used when the home office location is in the US and there are operations in another country. We've facilitated in Tokyo, Paris, London, and Toronto.

  • Employee Experience Journey // From hire to retire, each life milestone is an inflection on the employee experience continuum. In this session, participants learn how to articulate how these problems can be integrated in their company and practical next steps.

  • Next Level HR Business Partner Collaboration // This is an evolving, front line role for a (larger) company's HR function. In this workshop, we work with HRBP teams to establish trust, alignment, common language, and assessing what the real issues are within the team ("in the circle") and outside the team ("on the circle").

  • Empowering the Next Gen of Women // The conversation is changing for women and how to show up in the workplace. For the better. In this workshop we have an interactive dialogue on what it means to be present, how to ask for more, and challenging status quo.

  • Is Your Talent Strategy Competitive? // Sponsored by The Muse, we offered an employer branding session in Chicago to top talent acquisition leaders.


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