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Our Team.



We got you. We’re founders and startup junkies just like you — your first call, the coach in the corner, and pros who know how to put together your next step. As sought after confidants and trusted allies to leaders across Silicon Valley and Wall Street, we are fiercely committed to your success. No matter how long you need us, and the complexity of your project, let's get you to the finish line.

From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, we've learned that most business problems are, in fact, people problems. With our combined experiences, we are able to get to the heart of issues and opportunities quickly and get a game plan together. We are keenly focused on leading edge products, people, culture, operations, and leadership so that we help you build your team and your company.


We seek to be additive to the greater workplace ecosystem (and not another consumer of the koolaid) because we realize not every company has the opportunity to meaningfully and directly impact individuals in a way that makes their lives tangibly better. Lots of companies believe that through a series of semi-connected transactions – like meetings, giving feedback, and well-timed press releases – that they are improving something or inventing something new and, in that moment, they are making someone’s life better. Other companies subscribe to the philosophy that through making their company a success they are improving the lives of the people who work there by providing a steady paycheck and benefits. Much of that sentiment is what makes building a company, really, any company at all, a justifiable effort.


We are proud to be the leaders behind the leader as a catalyst to the next play. We'd love to reimagine the future of work with you. 



Meet JM.


With a legal and international affairs background, I am a passionate researcher, synthesizer, and strategist who helps companies get the most out of new market opportunities, assess risk, and curate compelling business cases for key decision-makers. I work with founders and investors to devise a business plan to enter foreign markets, exit foreign markets, or need to rehabilitate their existing strategy. I combined my personal interest and passions by founding Frenchwide, a boutique management consulting firm for companies looking to ramp up quickly in French-speaking countries (France in particular).

With work experiences at the French Department of State, French Department of Defense, Publitek (media), and Frenchwide (management consulting) (business operations ceased in December 2022), I have a 17-year career in international affairs, legal services, international business, and consulting clients on various international business projects. I earned my Master's in Law and my Master's in Strategy and International Affairs in France.



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Meet Emily.


I am the leader behind the leader. I scale great ideas and all things people, culture and leadership. As an unconventional leader in HR, I lead with a human-centered approach paving the future of work elevating teams while building companies, reimagining workplace norms, and navigating chaotic, complex (eco)systems. I'm passionate about cultivating unique, yet scalable, experiences from hire to retire and everything in-between. I've chartered teams and companies through hyper growth and global expansion, (re)built teams who grew too fast or didn't get it right the first time, have played a key role in IPO readiness, and co-lead complex acquisitions and divestitures. I get to wake up and do this each and every day!

With work experiences at Guggenheim Capital (Financial Services), Square (FinTech), Mozilla (Internet), Speck (Consumer), and Marquette (Education), I have a 15 year career in People Ops with varied experiences partnering with founders and executives, scaling companies, IPO readiness, complex acquisitions and divestitures, and creative benefit and compensation packages. I earned my B.S. and M.S. in International Business and Human Resources from Marquette University.



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