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our belief.

Benefit and wellness packages are the real deal. After compensation and equity, they are the most expensive investment for a company. It's no mystery why HR and Finance need to work together -- it's critical -- to build a long-term plan that is both financially reasonable yet savvy enough to attract even the unicorn talent. Tech companies across Silicon Valley and financial services companies on Wall Street have benefited (no pun intended) from our creative approach to benefits that helps small companies rival the giants. 


tech companies love our

benefit expertise

  • we think outside the box and design benefit packages that are affordable, inclusive, and meaningful

  • it's true: we've saved clients over $13M in cash using our creative and no bull $hit approach to benefit design

  • finance approved: we include them in the process

  • employee approved: we recommend including a few advocates and a few nay-sayers for feedback


you're ready to work with us if you are:

  • comfortable with being uncomfortable to challenge status quo

  • bored with traditional benefit and wellness packages, curious what is new

  • concerned about the financial investment and long-term sustainability

  • losing talent to other companies because your benefits aren't competitive

  • not sure if your benefits broker has your back and/or if you need one

  • considering moving from a PEO to in-house benefits team management

  • feel lost in your company’s benefit offerings and your next step

  • your benefits lead recently left, and you need interim help

our approach:

With 15 years of experience in benefits, we know the ins and outs of navigating healthcare, benefits, wellness, and designing packages that are not only competitive (employees love what we put together!), but culturally relevant and inclusive. We can be status quo align your benefits to benchmarking, but the real magic is aligning what matters to your talent to what your finance team is able to invest. From there, it's an iterative process. Once finance teams have confidence that benefit packages are managed with care and intent, they often invest and reinvest because they see the ROI on these efforts. (Think less turnover, happier and more productive people, and performance metrics.)

We wish we could tell you that there is a simple solution for you, but we're not aware of one. With emerging technologies and tools, benefit brokers, PEOs, carriers (and recently a big merger), and big companies pouring millions of dollars into benefit packages, it's no wonder start-ups feel overwhelmed on where to start. 

But with us, you can count on the team to make this a responsibly transparent and easy to understand relationship so that you know exactly how to navigate offering competitive benefit packages. Your talent is worth the investment! 


  • Total review of benefit program offerings to review gaps and opportunities

  • RFP benefits US or global benefits broker through implementation

  • Outsource leaves of absence management RFP process

  • Design and implement inclusive benefit program offerings

  • Recruit, train, or advise benefit specialists or leaders on your team

  • Open Enrollment project management planning and execution

  • Consult founders and investors disrupting the health tech industry



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