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speaker bio.

Emily is known for being the secret weapon of some of Silicon Valley's leading tech companies. She also made Managing Director at one of the top ten investment banks in the world. Emily prides herself for "staying under the radar" as the leader behind the leader. Now, she's stepping forward to share lessons learned, insights, war stories, and what the future of work will look like (psssst. it's already here!). Be prepared to laugh, get pumped up, and be inspired.

Sample Talks

  • The Future of Human Resources // This is a mind bending talk that takes HR professionals through the journey of this profession from start to today. What will the roll of AI play in this field? How can you prepare? What are the skills needed for tomorrow? 

  • You are Bull $hitting Yourself // This is the talk your best friend would give you. Except in this session, Emily is provoking transformation for personal break thoughts on what is getting in your way, how to ask for more, and designing the life you deserve.

  • Unleash Your Inner Leader // coming soon.

  • Unleash Your Inner Rebel // coming soon.

will deliver.

  • Deliver a fitting and unique talk for the intended audience. 

  • Deliver the talk on time and stick to the defined format and duration. 

  • Attend your event to mingle with attendees. 


  • I use my own computer, dongle, and remote control.

  • You need to route audio from the presentation computer to your AV system.

  • You will receive a PDF version of my slides to share with your audience.

  • If you want to charge viewers for access, please talk to me before doing so.

pro bono.

We select a limited number of pro bono engagements each year. If you'd like to be considered, please send us a note with your event information with as much time notice as possible.




Thanks! Message sent.

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