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our partnership.

We love working with founders and founding teams. Their ambition and drive is contagious. We're not going to convince you that you need a lot of HR in the early days -- because you don't -- the focus should really be about three things:

  • Setting-up light weight HR and Recruiting ops with tools

  • Coaching for your first 20 key hires so that there is synergy

  • Reimagining your leadership team so that your company can evolve

  • Getting clear on values and behaviors that impact culture

Together, we co-design how you'd like us to work with you from tactical to project-based to strategic growth plans so your company can scale without unnecessary wonkiness.

the dilemma.

Founders have a lot to prove. Especially to their investors, each other, and the competition. It may seem like a 'nice to have' when thinking about People Ops, Culture, and Leadership -- but is it? Our clients are the types that put people first and invest in their talent early. They know waiting too long can provoke gnarliness later.

how we help founders.

  • Leadership coaching for founders and founding teams

  • Clarity around how to set objectives and key results (OKRs)

  • Clarity around aligning values that influence culture

  • Identifying when it's time to hire and how to do it

  • Identifying when it's time to scale and how to do it

  • Identifying when it's time to stabilize and how to do it

  • Setting up people operations and recruiting infrastructures

  • Following through to ensure consistency and accountability

getting started looks like.

We wish there was a playbook for our relationship with investors, but there isn't one. What we like to do is get to know the investor's philosophy, their perspective on the issue or opportunity, and the desired outcomes. From there, it's a co-partnership to discuss how we can help. (And yes, sometimes we aren't a fit for what the investor is looking for. In that case we will try to find you a referral that suits your needs.)

the fine print.

The truth is: there is no fine print. We will do what it takes to support our ambitious clients. 



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