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our belief.

Growing your team matters. Especially when you're within your first 25 hires (who are key to the team's success) and your first 50 hires (who will all be key to how culture evolves). With this in mind, we carefully work with you to ensure that your team grows in a sustainable way that is best for your company's evolution. Then, it's go time. 


you're ready to work with us if you are:

  • recently received funding and now need to hire a team

  • not sure where to start or are stuck in your current search

  • learn what's keeping you away from your ideal candidates

  • need help defining your employer brand and how to show case 

  • hiring team needs training or a refresh on your desired interview experience

  • sourcing hard to find talent (including engineers)

  • building talent pipelines that you can continue to draw upon later

  • recruiting and recruiting operations

  • hiring panel and technical evaluations

  • packaging competitive offers in compensation and equity

we know where to find talent.

  • we know how to source talent in hard to find markets

  • a large tech company (you'd know it) reached out to us to understand how we source talent and are now copying our technique 🔥

  • we don't charge expensive agency placement fees

  • prospective candidates love working with us: we don't harass them and keep their opportunity preferences top of mind for the right opportunity

the talent market today.

Job seekers today have the luxury of many opportunities. The question is: how are you going to set your company apart? The competitive landscape is both your market competitors (eg you make similar products) and skills that are transferrable. 


Jobseekers want a transparent, thoughtful, and authentic interview experience.

our approach.

We help clients:​

get started

  • setting up a recruiting tool, process / candidate flow, and job offers

  • source talent and fill pipelines for your hiring team to review

  • diversity recruiting

  • university recruiting

breathe life into tired processes

  • employee referral programs

  • onboarding

  • candidate job offer pitch and new hire offer letters

  • recruiting operations

take care of your recruiting needs

  • business

  • recruiting in-house recruiters or HR professionals

  • engineers and tech

  • university and new grads


Did you know that many recruitment agencies place talent for 20-30% of the candidate's final negotiated annual compensation? For example, if you hire a junior engineer for for $100,000, that means up to $30,000 will be paid to the agency for placing that person at your company. Yeah, we think it's crazy, too. Which is why we don't price our services based on your desperation.




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