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The Fine Print.


our commitment.

The fact is: there is no fine print. Just some simple things you can expect from us. We believe in human potential leveraging each person's unique contribution to the future of work. It is absolutely a collaborative effort. When you work with HRwired, you will be connected into a broader community of do good'ers.

We are fiercely committed to our client's success. With decades of start-up and tech experience, we strive to create value for companies through people, culture, and leadership programs. We design and implement scalable solutions with practical implementation next steps. We pride ourselves our relentless commitment to personalized delivery of solutions and contributing to our client's success.

our clients.

Are change makers who aren’t satisfied with the status quo. They want more out of the workplace ecosystem - even if it’s not always clear how to do it. Clients are entrepreneurs, founders, workplace rebels, HR leaders, and (it seems) everything in between. We work with people who want to challenge status quo, build things that matter, seek impact into the workplace ecosystem, and willing to contribute to the future of work. They know that they play a role in people, culture, and leadership.

We work with investors, start-up entrepreneurs, and HR leaders from Seed to Series C building out their culture, inclusion, and belonging practices.

  • Investment Banking

  • Private Equity

  • Venture Capital

  • Fintech & Payments

  • Crypto

  • Internet

  • Software

  • Real Estate

  • Healthtech

  • IoT


​We typically work with clients for a six-month period. Note that it's typically six months. In our experience most clients find the most success in the desired transformation when the project is scoped, paced, and implemented. After this period, clients may choose to continue working with us month to month. 

Shorter projects such as an implementation of a tool or a quick win can be as short as six weeks. We're comfortable, and have been successful, we'll move at lightning speed to keep up with your team's ambitious goals and objectives.


All engagements start with a mutually agreed plan and definition of goal(s). Our highly individualized approach is designed to help clients with effectiveness, overcoming blocks, managing change, scoping the desired transformation, and follow-up.


Before we get started, we will set-up a 30 minute phone chat to ensure we are a fit. Finding the right fit in this work is critically important for you and us since this is a collaborative partnership. ​​Your success is what is important here -- so let's ensure that you have the right team supporting you! If we don't think we are the best fit for you, we will refer you to another consulting team or coach who would better suit your aspirations.

delivering results.

​We are trained to continually evaluate progress against goals and refine exercises to create change and transformation. As we are fiercely committed to provoking meaningful change in the workplace ecosystem, it is so very important that you feel set-up for success after our engagement ends.

how we connect.

Our clients have offices all over the world. We are based in Chicago and New York (USA). We are not limited by time zone or geography. We are able to find a time that works for almost everyone.​​


Our clients have varied preferences on how we work together. But for most, they prefer a "just get it done" model, which means we work our magic remotely via slack, quip, and the g-suite in tandem with your team. 


Clients are encouraged to choose what they are most comfortable with. We offer clients regular check-ins and availability via phone or video (hangouts, zoom, or facetime) and text support. Just ping us when you need us. 


We can, of course, travel as and if needed as well as provide onsite support. Just let us know what you have in mind. 

We look forward to working with you. Let's reimagine the future of work together!



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