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We are a team of do good'ers unleashing meaningful change into People Ops, Culture, and Leadership across the Silicon Valley and Wall Street. From hire to retire, and everything in between, we aspire to evoke transformation in the workplace ecosystem. 

Outsource People Ops.


our belief.


We believe in human potential. When it is nurtured and curated we tap into uncharted possibilities when coupled with leading edge research and practices in human resources management, neuroscience, and psychology. Our team has spent their careers curious and building the practice of people operations, culture building, and leadership development.​


founders and start-ups love how easy it is to outsource people ops.

  • easy hand off from us to you

  • payroll operations

  • benefit operations and annual renewal

  • recruiting, interview, and offer letters

  • onboarding and new hire set-up

  • employee questions and support


who hires us.

Investors refer us to founding teams help set-up and run people ops

Start-up entrepreneurs  with "set-up" so they can focus on building their product


Teams using outsourced people operations range from 5-150 people.

you're ready to work with us if you are:

  • recently received funding and now need HR and Recruiting

  • not sure where to start or are stuck in what to do next

  • learn what's keeping you away from being compliant with labor laws

  • need help defining your employer brand 

  • recruiting and recruiting operations

  • payroll and payroll operations

  • benefits and benefits operations

  • HR tasks (writing policies, responding to employee questions, issues, etc.)

our approach:

No one in the history of our working relationships called us "HR" which is why we love the term atypical HR leaders. We're atypical and now operationalizing our approach to help small companies have access to big company HR horsepower. If you're looking for paper pushers and (lots of) rule following police operations, we're not the team for you.

We will:

  • set you up with the best, yet simple UX and affordable, tools

  • be human, kind, compassionate, and soulful in our approach

  • not use jargon or make you feel like we're speaking another language

  • treat your team as part of ours (and you will do the same)

  • be an extension of your team with seamless handoffs

the fine print.

The truth is: there is no fine print. We will do what it takes to support our ambitious clients.